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Director Lilian Franck


For the American evangelicals I have been grown up as an atheist because I am the daughter of an ex protestant priest in Germany. And that because the Bible is for me not The verbatim Authority and I was not grown up to be a missionary. The radical fighting spirit of the fundamentalist Christians in the USA has my image outmatched.

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Director – Robert Cibis

Before the research and the filming of „Is Europe Going to Hell” I was not aware of the political importance that Religion and Church have. At the conference in Brussels I understood that Faith is not only a private affair. All religion Groups are fighting for influence. And the most successive is the new world- religion: the evangelical Christians, who are about 500 millions. Most possible they will soon overtake the supremacy from the Catholic Church.

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Director Michaela Kirst

“Those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus - like most Europeans don’t. Those who do not decide in favour of him are going to hell. That is totally clear.”
We have heard statements like these over and over again from the beginning of our research until the end of our shooting. From evangelical Americans, Australians, Asians and Africans. What fascinated me right at the beginning about “Is Europe going to hell?” was to see Europe through the eyes of strict Christians. And to ask oneself the questions without any irony:
Is Europe actually a religious developing country that urgently needs missionaries?
Do we actually have a problem with religious freedom in the EU?

I have been living as a documentary filmmaker and journalist in New York for the past three years.
I was lead there by a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. I stayed, because “the most incredible city of the universe” did not let me go. In Germany, I worked as a writer for WDR, ZDF and AZ-Media. Right now I am preparing for the editing of the documentary film “Somebody has to do it”, a portrait of the only professional “Crime Scene Cleaner” of New York City.


executive producer – Brigit Mulders

Brigit Mulders was born in the Netherlands and moved to Berlin in September 1989. Since 1991 she has worked in feature film and documentary film among other things at the Gerlinde Böhm film production company, Moana film – Rudolf Thomé, Umbrella films, and Jost Hering films.
With the film company November Film, she produced the feature film “in den Tag hinein” in 2001, directed by Maria Speth (Tiger Award, film festival Rotterdam, 2001).
Award-winning documentary films:
-“Balagan” – German Movie Award 1994, Filmband in silver (directed by Andres Veiel)
-“Kinderland ist abgebrannt” – German Movie Award 1998 ( directed by Sybille Tiedemann & Ute Badura)
-“Nach dem Fall” – Golden Gate Award, San Francisco 2000 (directed by Frauke Sandig & Eric Black)
Award-winning feature films:
-“Mein erstes Wunder” – Max Ophülspreis 2003 (directed by Anne Wild)
-“Sugar Orange” – Oldenburg offspring award 2004 (directed by Andreas Struck)

editor – Amos Ponger

I was born in Jerusalem in 1972. Since 1991 I have been working as an editor. After studying film-studies at university in 1998, I moved from Tel Aviv to Berlin.
“Winker” – (1995) directed by Amichai Grinberg – Editors Award of the Israeli film institute
“Zarim” – (1995) directed by Boaz Helfman – Mugrabi Award for documentary films
“Curtains” – (1996) directed by Itzhak Wolf . UNESCO Award for films about the “third age” and winner of Haifa festival.
“Styx” – (2001) directed by Falk Ulbrich – International Lesbian & Gay film festival, London, film festival Dresden, Toronto Inside Out film festival 2004, Hamburg, New York Newfest, San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay film festival 2004, Los Angeles Outfest film festival, Lissabon, Gay & Lesbian film festival Kopenhagen.
Today I work as a free-lance editor, teach at the university of Tel Aviv and am working on my first feature length film.


Sound studio STIL
Christian Hagitte and Simon Bertling comprise an experienced production team and own their own sound studio in Berlin. They have not only composed film music and mixed and synchronized documentaries and other films, they have also produced numerous radio dramas (for instance, « The Pit and the Pendulum » by Edgar Allen Poe bitte mit Link auf unsere Seite) under their own label STIL for Lübbe , Hörverlag and Universal Music.


graphic-design/title/animations - Gerhard Wolf

I studied communications design in Wuerzburg and received my diploma (FH) for the animated film „The Magic Miracle Motion Picture Show“ in 2002.

I drew the tweening and outlines for the E-H-M-A-N-N Productions film "Herbert Apache Frog“, which was produced for the children’s channel Siebenstein. I have never lost contact with the world of film as I have freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator for various advertising agencies, and I therefore jumped at the chance to join the Oval Films team in May of 2004.


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