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Fedra loves her son Hippolitus. Suddenly, her husband Théseus, father of Hippolitus,
is gone. Fedra admits her love to her son, who has a strange relationship with Nuntius - a mysterious construction worker...



director / editing


Robert Cibis

production Germany


Robert Cibis

production france


Béatrice Vidal
Philippe Payet

assistant director   Stéphane Seddoh
Antoine Capliez
script / continuity   Laurence Lallias
Delphine Raignier
editing   Catherine Stragand

director of photography

  Jean-Philippe Bouyer
Alexandre Bon

camera ass. / focus puller


Jens Harms
Nicolas Pernot

special effects


Alexandre Bon

shooting sound


Fabienne Bellod
Laurent Delhommeau
Bruno Lefebvre

sound editing   Fabienne Bellod

sound mixing


Christian Hagitte
Pierre André
Gildas Mercier

foley sound recording

  Alix Ewald

foley artist

  Eric Grattepain
music recording   Christian Hagitte
music   Christian Hagitte
Simon Bertling (song)
  German Version
line producer   Simon Bertling
sound   Bernd von Bassewitz
sound ass.   Dominik Kehl

fotos by Paul Cibis

ass. music recording   Katharina Heine
music recording (song)   Philipp Knop
violin   Ruth Jäger, Dorothea Mieth
alto   Kerstin Koch
violoncello   Reinhard Eger