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Anthony Bobeau
(Le Film Français)
"'run Lola run' had two million spectators in Germany, in France there were 82.000. That is a
very bad result for a film that started with more than 100 copies. Everything was done
to hide that it was a German film. Only on the poster was written: 'she has
twenty minutes to find hundredthousand MARKS.'"



Klaus Gerke (K-Films)
"If she was looking for Dollars, it would have been easier for the spectators
to go into that movie. However nobody has a understanding of 'Deutsch Mark'.
This is strangely the main critic of the advertisement of this film."




"Anatomie" was dubbed into English, subtitled in French to be shown
in France. Nobody should notice that he/she is seeing a German film. Even
though Anatomie was again a German failure.




Jacques Maréchal
(Les Grands Films Classiques, distributor of "Halbe Treppe" (Grill Point))
"It isn't that the people have no taste, but that the American Filmindustry followed
by the French films with stars prevents the information. The non-information through
the over-information of the powerful."



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