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available in German only


a production by
Les Films Jack Fébus, Paris
Oval, Berlin

for the ZDF

concept, direction, editing: Lilian Franck & Robert Cibis
production: Agnès Trintzius
sound: Lilian Franck
image: Robert Cibis

film extracts
„Anatomie“ – director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
with the friendly permission of Claussen+Wöbke and Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH
„Halbe Treppe“ – director: Andreas Dresen
with the friendly permission of Peter Rommel Produktion
„run Lola run“ – director: Tom Tykwer
with the friendly permission of X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH

thanks to
Les Grands Films Classiques, Jacques Maréchal und Caroline Morand
Jakob Claussen und Andrea Wilson
Andreas Dresen und Peter Rommel
Stefan Arndt und Britta Knöller

Germinal Anton, Klaus Jürgen Gerke, Florence Bory, Anthony Bobeau, Claude-Eric Poiroux, Christina Hoffmann, Agnès Jaoui, Claude Miller