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These days, if you wanted to guess what someone’s income was and were only allowed to ask one question, that question would be: “What country do you live in?” The reason for this is the huge differences in the average incomes of different countries. In twenty years you will have to ask a different question in order to guess someone’s wages: “What is your training and education?”
Bill Gates, Business@ the Speed of Thought

Text?This prophecy of Bill Gates’ is on its way to becoming true. The worth of a human in the employment world depends on his or her skills and on the state of the market; Humans are becoming easily replaceable labor capital. This ’capital’ can be moved from one company to another; from one continent to another. This migration of workers has created a new industry: private recruitment agencies.

Changing one’s job and often even one’s country of residence means exchanging a new world for an old one. This can be very difficult on a personal level. This’human capital’ is, after all, simply people.

Text?Columbia, Sri Lanka: CHAMILA ALVIS doesn’t know how she can support her three small children, now that her husband has died in an accident. There is no work for her in Sri Lanka. She gets up the courage to go to an interview with an agency that arranges to send cheap female labor to Europe. She plans to start as a housemaid in Cypress.

Text?Magdeburg, Germany: Two of the hundreds of unemployed construction workers from East Germany, VOLKER NEBELUNG and DIRK WAGNER learn about jobs in foreign countries at the job exchange. An attractive Dutch woman promises them very well-paid work in London. They will help to construct Terminal 5 of the London Heathrow airport. But first they must pass a two-month English course.

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