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Scott Rourk, pastor of the "four-one-one"

What´s so cool about prayers, you can have a lot of people praying for you all over the country. We have thousands of prayer partners. And it really just helps to kinda gather into troups, if you will, because prayers is war, you know. It really is.

And it´s´s the front´s the front lines of everything that we do. It´s the foundation of our church.



With politics, I would hope that every politician would be a follower of Christ. Politics is very different. I mean, I...I want to vote for a follower of Christ. I wanna vote for somebody who is a Christian, who knows Jesus Christ. And that would be a heavy, heavy influence on my decision to vote. Very heavy.


Married Couple - Missionaries - Central Park
That´s a dream of ours actually, to get to another country. Wherever it might be. We have ties to someone in Iraq and we´d like, maybe one day, to be able to go to the Middle East and... You know, Africa, wherever. You know, the lord calls us, we´d love to.


Dave Howard,
Organizer of New Hope New York
Yes, we do have a strategy. My assignment is large urban centres and so we are in the process of know, oppurtunities in other cities, you know. Where should we go next? Vancouver, British Columbia has already been committed to. Then what is next? Is it Cleveland, Ohio? Is it Denver, Colorado? Is it Los Angeles, you know, my home...





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