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english version
februrary 2000

02 06
In my village were only cornflowers, horses, village inns...
02 19
but no Techno.

04 10
Do I have to tell now, that, during the last three years I didn't really know what to do?
04 19
I could tell you whatever,
I could even start with the kindergarten.
04 26
How did you get the idea to become Techno-DJ?
04 34
It just happened like that.
First I bought the music
and this made me wanting to play it to other people.
04 46
The first time at the "Friseur"...
was funny.
04 51
I talked to Susanne from the "Hard Wax",
as a matter of fact she proposed me
to come along with her, the day, she was DJ there.
05 06
This evening, I was the first to arrive
some records in my hand, very excited.
05 13
Two other guys were already making music
and they had to drag me to the turntables.
05 21
They proposed, that we would change place after every disc.
05 25
But as soon as I had the headset in my hands, they disappeared.
05 31
I stayed alone...
and then I played a 33-disc in 45.
05 38
They laughed like crazy.
05 40
I stopped immediately.
This was a real shock.

07 05
I don't remember how I learned,
that discs were existing, to which you don't listen in every club.
07 17
By chance I found out some rare discs.

10 48
I didn't make any efforts to work my way up as DJ.
10 57
It came more from outside.
11 01
After the first try, which I told you,
more and more people approached me.
11 07
And I heard, that nomally
the DJ's walk around everywhere, a tape in their hand,
11 11
hoping to be allowed to touch the record-players.
11 15
But me...
11 22
I just liked to try to play my musique somewhere else
and I found it exciting, that the people really wanted to hear it.
12 12
When did you start asking yourself, what you wanted to do in your life?
12 18
To be honest, I never started.
12 22
I always repressed that a little bit,
because I didn't know, what I should do.
12 27
First, I went to Paris, a sea-bag on my back.
12 33
I stayed there three months.
But I didn't learn there anything new.
I don't really remember, what I wanted there.
12 42
Then I went to Cologne, because my brother was living there.
12 45
Although I was registered, I didn't go to university.
12 49
And finally I came here.
12 51
And what did you do in Cologne?
12 53
History, I guess. I don't remember exactly.
12 56
I was there in order to try to study something,
13 01
to try to do something, which I wasn't talented for,
13 07
and in which I never had been interested before.
13 12
I thought simply, that I had to be able to study this,
13 14
because other people are able, too.
13 17
Then, once again, I tried to study sociology during one term.
13 23
I stopped soon, because I felt like an observer,
13 30
who's curious to see the inside of an university.
13 36
All really started because of Martin,
13 42
with whom I'm going since six months,
although we know each other already since three years.
13 52
He took the role, which normally
should have taken.
14 01
He told me, that it's me, who's responsible for my future,
14 06.
what nobody told me ever before.
14 09
Me, I alwas forgot it...
or I repressed it.
14 13
I thought this would come later,
14 16
when I would be big.

16 07
Dear Merle, on this picture you can choose, who you want to be.

16 14
How did you change from history and sociology to dress design?
16 21
I think it's good, because...
it's more concrete than the fine arts for example
16 33
and it's also more handicraft.
16 36
Maybe I just like doing it.

28 46
In the last time, I think that my success is disproportionate.
28 52
I nearly have the impression to give theatre representations
28 56
because the people felicitate me like that.
29 03
I don't understand this.
29 05
Yes, it's my choice of disc
and they can appreciate it,
29 12
but it's not my music.
29 17
It's too simple,
29 21
considered that I simply play music, that I like.
29 28
I think it's good,
29 31
but I would prefer that they felicite me
on something more complicated.
29 37
This is why I would like to experiment
29 42
to find out which kind of music
I would like to comopose myself.

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