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These films sum up the Cannes Festival's best moments in an entertaining fashion.
They show the stars' hells and heavens: when ascending the red stairs, during the photo
call and the following press conference. The camera also wanders behind the scenes so that
we see the sets being put up and taken down, international TV channels working around the clock and
the festival team putting up with the pressure.



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Links in German only:
article about the festival '00
Cannes Online
site about the festival itself,1872,2044887,00.html
information about Cannes
newspaper article about the festival '02
history of the festival


images: TV Festival ´99

editorial office: Martin Even

director & editor: Lilian Franck

Le Fresnoy
Studio national des arts contemporains

music: « DJ Kicks » Kruder & Dorfmeister
Studio K7